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Hate my job!

Wish I could post a happy introduction like hyena, but I HATE MY JOB and I'm glad I found this place to vent. Even if it looks a little deserted! >.>

I started working for Domino's Pizza in Victoria, British Columbia in May of 2008. I began as a simple CSR/Phone-girl but my eagerness to work and do my best quickly promoted me to Assistant Manager around September. At this time my General Manager was Jeremy Lwowski, and, similar to Hyena's boss, he treated you like a friend and did what he could to make you happy. We also had our Franchisee, Dale Lamoureaux, who was basically the biggest problem we had and if it wasn't for his infrequent visits (more often during the very very early hours of the morning) I'm sure we would have been at this stage much sooner.

Jeremy moved from Kelowna, where had owned and managed several stores for the past 10 years, to Victoria hoping to prospect one of Dale's weaker stores. Dale used to own every store in the city, but as he aged he sold them off one by one and by that time he had only two: Esquimalt (mine) and Saanich.  Dale proposed to Jeremy that he should work for 6 months or so as a General Manager and then they would work out a deal. At the time Dale had also given Jeremy a reasonable price of which he was considering selling the store for.

I started working there at around Jeremy's 12th month. Dale was constantly calling Jeremy with FLM crises, and there was always a catch. "Get labour down to 20% for a month and we'll talk about that sale price some more," or, "catch a 4 star on that OER inspection and things might look up for you."

In Canada we call this something: stop beating around the fucking bush. In Canada's legal system there is also a word for Dale's baiting and releasing: constructive dismissal.

We realized what Dale had been doing maybe a month too late. On July 1st 2009 (year two for Jeremy!) the store was sold to Dale's sister, Shelly, and her husband, Bill. If you've ever undergone a Franchisee change, you'll know that all of the staff is given two weeks notice and can apply within those two weeks for an interview to remain with the company. Jeremy, his heart broken, moved away to Kelowna, staying in Victoria only to battle a bitter duel between Dale and him over money bonuses Dale never gave out, or money he had taken off of Jeremy's paycheck to compensate for shortages.

Now I work with Bill. I taught him how to slap pizza, how to do a full inventory, how to close the store, how to open the store, how to resolve a variety of situations (missboxing, when to assign double deliveries, how to restart Pulse, etc). All of the things I taught him, I'm sure he should have already known if he was going to be our acting General Manager.

For two months Bill worked every open shift (goodbye, openers) and forced us to work every close while adding some extreme requirements to our close shifts. Before my school term started I worked every close, but once I started going back to school, my ex-roommate, John, started to do my job. John had always been a good opener, but closes weren't his strong point. And he had never, ever done 5-6 days in a row of closes. Whereas Greg and I had been designated closers for the last year and a half, we knew what to expect closing every day, every week for a month. After a week John wrote "Two weeks" on our dry-erase board and disappeared on his Friday night close. My boyfriend, Brian (another opener), covered his shift. After John quit Bill struggled to cover what would have been his shifts. Of course, Bill never chose to take any of his closes, so Greg (who used to work a few shifts at our store, a few shifts at what was Dale's only store, Saanich) moved to our store permanently to close every day.

Greg is a good long-term closer, he does what he needs to do at the end of the day and never complains and never misses a shift. Bill wasn't about to recognize his efforts, so Greg (egged on by some drivers) told Bill that he expected either a raise or promotion (Greg has always been after promotions, he's got a bit of a Napoleon complex, but he's still our friend), or he wouldn't keep on closing everyday. Naturally, Bill working for the military (his job was to cut costs as low as he could while retaining SOME efficiency), Bill shockingly scheduled himself to close Sunday-Thursday and moved Greg to perma-opener.

That lasted for a week until Valary shows up. Valary worked two years ago for Domino's Pizza in another city for about a year. She was a Manager, and this motivated Bill to hire her (as he usually only hires people over the age of 40 or who are in the military, we wonder why) and replace Greg with her. Greg's hours were cut by 30 (so now he only had 10 or so) and she was given 40+ hours every week. Greg, who had left Dale's store, was devastated when Saanich couldn't offer him the hours he had before, and Bill was unwilling to schedule him for any more shifts.

In the last 2 or 3 weeks that Valary has worked for us, she's been sick because she's a) pregnant and throwing up b) going through a crisis with no father c) drinking and having a miscarriage d) so depressed she can't make it into work. I realize these are legitimate reasons due to her badly timed pregnancy... but she has 40 fucking hours and the rest of us are struggling to make rent. Not to mention the Australian guy, whose parents are paying for a "two year vacation in Canada", refuses to sweep, do dishes or make pizzas yet he has 15 hours all to himself.

Nearing the end of one of my full-time courses, I told Bill that I could start opening and closing again, and his response was: "There's no more shifts to give." As it stands I realize that my boyfriend (who is taking courses as well) and I are going to have to start looking for another job due to Bill's terrible management.

I want to call Domino's Head Office to tell them about this, but I'm afraid they'll only tell me "tough luck."

Not to mention this week Valary bailed on four of her opens, so Greg covered them and is now sitting at 40+ hours. She was scheduled to open today, on Friday (my close), but Bill took her shift. Greg was originally supposed to work 4-12 tonight (a very important shift), but since he is at 40+ hours Bill won't let him work. We said "Okay, then find SOMEONE to work" and Bill said he would stay until 8 o'clock. So here I am, on a Friday night close with my boyfriend staying until 9, the Australian who refuses to work until 9, and Bill until 8. Yeah, real good management.

And that is why I hate my job... :(



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